Frequently asked Questions.

Where is Your Boutique?

We are based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. You can find our full address at the bottom of the home page.


What Sizes do You Stock? 

We stock a vast selection of brands which all have different size ranges. As a general rule we stock Uk sizes 8 to 22 in ladies clothes and Small to 4X Large in Gents wear. We also offer Gender neutral/ unisex products in sizes X small to 4X large. A limited selection of these brands also cater for size Uk 6 and Size Uk 24 to 26. 

Our small range of Children's clothes goes from 0-3  months through to 11-12 Years.

Shoes range from a Uk 3 to Uk 10 depending on the Brand

New rocks for ordering in to the store, range from a Uk 3 to Uk 14.


I have seen an Item on Your Facebook/Instagram but I can't find it on the website, do You have it?

Unfortunately, less than 30% of the Items we have in store are on the website. This is for several reasons. Some Brands we stock only allow sales from our physical store not online. Some items are one-offs or have unusual sizing which we recommend seeing in real life. We stock over 3000 different lines and I can't physically list all of the Items. Some products sell out quickly so may have sold out and so are no longer on the site. If you want specific information on a particular product please contact us.


I have seen an item on Your website, will You have it in store for me to try on?

Yes! Wonderland Awaits is a small business run by just one person, not a big chain, meaning we don't have warehouses full of stock. All stock and items we purchase in and make are held in store, so everything online we have physically on site. 


Do You hire out Items?

No, we don't. Even though Our Products are Vintage Inspired, they are not fancy dress, they are everyday wearable clothes that are just a bit more fun than what it is usually available on the High Street.


I have some old clothes, do You want to buy them?

As nice as Your old clothes may be, unfortunately no. We specialise in garments inspired by the 1920's through to the 1960's, however all our items are brand new and are made using modern manufacturing techniques combined with vintage patterns. Therefore, our items have the vintage look but are reproduction vintage meaning they adhere to modern safety standards, are unworn and in most cases they can be machine washed.


You don't put returns forms/ Invoices in Your Parcels, do You not accept returns?

We do accept returns on items if they meet our return guidelines. All information can be found in the "Delivery and Returns" tab in the main Menu. The reason We don't include returns forms is because we are trying to be as eco-friendly as we can as a business. The number of returns we see is so small that less than 1 in 100 parcels are returned. If we put a returns form in every parcel, that's 99 out of a 100 forms that would be thrown away, wasting paper resources, ink and Power. Invoices are not included for two reasons, to again save materials but also for those buying items as gifts/ don't want the recipient to know how much the item/items cost. With every order You make through our site You receive an electronic Email Receipt.


Do You sell Giftcards? 

Yes we do. They start at £5 and can be any amount above that. Cards are valid in store and Online and have no expiry Date. You can purchase cards in any amount instore or via set amounts online via the Gifts category in the online store.


The item I want is out of stock, will You be getting any more?

Restocks depend entirely on the product. Most products we get in a small quantity and once they are gone they are gone. However we have mainline basics such as Dolores and Mia tops, boleros, petticoats and belts, to name just a few, that we continuously replenish. In some cases I may be able to purchase a single item for You from selected brands if it is new season stock, so please ask.

All sale items are reduced to clear and are past season or discontinued designs and therefore we are unable to get any more. 


Do You offer Layaway? 

Yes, Layaway is available in two forms. Instore layaway is available on selected items subject to terms and conditions and can be paid using cash or card instore over a period of up to 12 weeks. Items are held instore until the full balance has been paid. Please ask in store for more details.

Layaway is available online via Clearpay which lets you pay for Your item/items over 4 fortnightly Payments. This payment option can be chosen at checkout. For more details visit the payment plan section of the "Delivery and Returns" tab in the main menu. Items paid for via Clearpay are sent out as soon as we receive the first instalment.


I have a Gift Card/ Discount Voucher, how do I redeem it? 

All Gift cards have a unique code on them that is set up to the value of the gift card purchased. When making a purchase with Your voucher, add Your items to cart and then proceed to choosing Your payment and shipping options. You will then get to the "review order page" where there is a discount code/ voucher box. Type in the code from Your gift card or the discount code You wish to use, and that amount/discount will automatically be deducted from Your cart total. You can then confirm and complete Your order. Codes are case sensitive.


How do I arrange click and collect?

To order an item for click and collect is simple.

1. Add the item/items to cart that You wish to purchase.

2.Go to Cart and Press "Checkout"

3. In this section You will see options to choose "Ship" or " Pick Up", click the box that says "Pick Up". You will then be able to continue and pay via Paypal, Debit card, Credit card and other options.


5. You will receive an email/text (depending if You used an email or mobile at checkout) letting You know when Your item/items are ready to collect. You can then collect them any time during Our opening hours.


I have received a refund after purchasing my item, I’m confused.

Sometimes when an order is received or during processing, a refund is given for one of four reasons.

1. The item You have purchased is out of stock. Unfortunately as a one Woman business, I do everything myself. That includes manually updating product quantities on the website. Sometimes during busy times manning the physical boutique, there is a delay between me selling an item in store and me updating that items’ available quantity online which can lead to rare cases of items being sold out. In this case we refund You as soon as I realise.

2. Your item is small/flat. We charge a standard shipping price of £3.99 within the Uk. If the item You buy is small and flat and manages to be processed at the Post office as a Large letter, You will receive a £3 postage refund.

3. You have over paid. If an item is going in the sale in store, it takes me a few days to manually update the sale prices on the website. If it is the case that You purchase an item online at full price, during the time that item has been reduced in store, I will refund the price difference to match the sale price. 

4. Quality/damage. In very rare cases when going to package up an item, a slight fault may be found. This may be a sequin missing or a small surface mark or paint fault. This is often on shoes with hand painted heels. If the fault is small and cosmetic, we will contact You to see if  You still want the item along with a partial refund. If the product has a manufacturing fault and is not fit for purpose, we will automatically refund You the full price. 


I have a query, how do I contact You?  

 You can contact us directly via email at the address below:







  • Dodo Caligari looking fierce in our bell sleeve velvet dress and earrings.

  • Annelise looking spooky in Our Hell Bunny Warlock Top and Collectif Mimi Skirt with braces.

  • This Velvet Trixie dress from Collectif looks perfect paired with a violet full dancing petticoat from Banned.

  • Jamie conjuring up magic in his gothic brocade jacket by Pentagrame.

  • Amanda bringing us 1920s Glamour with Our beaded dress, Ivory Irregular Choice heels and Our Golden Age clutch.

  • Lindsay wears our Miss Muffet Cobweb Jumper, Paula Red Full Skirt, Cupid Necklace and purple hair flowers.Follow Her on Instagram: rollinwithlindsay_

    Photographer: Rod Jackson

  • Luna Argenta giving casual Alternative vibes wearing Our Odessa leggings

  • On Wednesdays we wear pink... or any other day. Hell Bunny dress, Banned Hudson Bolero, dancing days heels, true vintage necklace and Wonderland Awaits Earrings.